Chris Archer

Chris Archer descended from a long line of marksmen; thus his last name, with it’s ties to archery. He grew up hunting with his family in the wilderness of Michigan, where he developed a competitive eye for shooting. That skill has translated into a laser-sharp ability to capture images at the perfect moment.
A camping trip to Hana is what inspired Archer to direct his shooting skills towards photography. Seeing the depth of the milky way overhead, and wanting to share it with his loved ones back home, he was possessed with the desire to contain that indescribable beauty within an image. Long days and nights spent experimenting with his equipment in Maui’s rugged terrain has given Archer a broad range of experience working in both sun and starlight.  Losing sense of time and place while out in the field is one of his favorite things, second only to the response he gets from sharing his work with family and friends. Creating images that encompass the feeling of Hawaii, and sharing that with a global audience, thrills him. He strives to uncover fresh perspectives with every project, hoping to show people their favorite places in a way that they may not have seen before. He endeavors to hone his skills while traveling the world, exploring new landscapes and seasons. His goal is to see his work used on the big screen, presenting the beauty of the islands to an international audience. His passion is to be the best, Hawaii’s premier time-lapse photographer.
River Selfie